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  • Adventure Sports in India

    Adventure sports has fast caught up in the Indian milieu. India has now emerged as an important travel destination for discerning adventure sports enthusiasts in recent years. India is fast emerging as a dream destination for Adventure Sports with the nation boasting good options as far as adventure is concerned.

    India is arguably the only country in the world, which offers such a sheer variety of adventure opportunities. And surely enough, this diversity is utterly amazing — from heli-skiing and rock climbing in the mighty Himalayas to river-rafting in the white waters of various raging rivers; from ballooning and hang-gliding over the great Indian plains to an exotic encounter with the camel-safaris in the vast expanse of the Thar desert of Rajasthan; from tracking the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger on the backs of elephants to trekking in the Himalayan ranges — the options are endless.

    Adventure Sports in India is an unforgettable experience as it not only let you to experience the unexplored trails made by nature, but also bring the visitor directly in touch with the country and its people. From trekking and Skiing in the Mountains to Camel and Jeep safaris in the deserts India offers a wide range of adventure sports for tourists.

    Some of the most exciting adventure sport activities are

    • Angling and Fishing
    • Cycling and Motor Biking in Himalayas
    • Gliding
    • Mountaineering
    • Rafting
    • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
    • Under-water walking
    • Skiing
    • Trekking
    • Wildlife Safari