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  • Coorg - The Scotland of India

    Coorg (Kodagu) is a mountainous district located in south of India, 252 kms from Bangalore and 1525 m above sea level lies Madikeri, the district headquarters of Kodagu know for its beautiful scenery and hospitable people. Kodagu (originally called Kodaimalenadu) means 'Dense forest on steep hill'. Coorg is called as Scotland of India.

    Glorious sounds, sights and scents welcome you as you enter Coorg. Wild fowl dash from your path, snakes slither across the way in a flash and the elephant has his eye on you. All of a sudden, the forests open up to acres upon acres of lush, green coffee plants and carefully manicured hedges. The road continues to wind up the hills, providing you with brief glances at the paddy fields nestled in the valleys that are abundant with trees. Vibrantly colored roses, bougainvilleas and marigolds surround the clusters of red-tiled and whitewashed houses.

    Endless mountain ranges, ridge after ridge of grassy and forest clad slopes raising to the sky, give Coorg its unique and irreplaceable character.

    Coorg is on the Western Ghats. Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and teak wood forests, this is one of the most beautiful hill stations you can visit. It lies on Karnataka's southwestern end, covering an area of 4,102 sq km. Coorg offers you a fascinating past, captivating natural beauty, great cuisine and aromas of the coffee plantations, oranges and honey.

    The main river in Kodagu is the Kaveri (Cauvery). The Kaveri starts at Talakaveri, located on the eastern side of the Western Ghats, and, with its tributaries, drains the greater part of Kodagu.

    Coorg is really an unforgettable holiday destination. There are a lot of remote places in Coorg with tourism potential which is yet to be exploited. Not invaded by railway tracks or aerodromes, Coorg is connected to the other parts of the state and the neighboring state of Kerala by road. Take a leisurely walk or drive along the roads and feel the cool crispy air tingling your skin. Madikeri is the district headquarters of Kodagu.

    Coorg is a place where you wander waver but will never loose your way. But losing yourself in the beauty of this hilly heaven you will find your Coorg. And then will begin your everlasting love affair with this beautiful place.

    Best Time to Visit

    April to November, the average temperature of Coorg throughout the year is 20 to 25 degrees. The nights are mostly cool throughout the year. Summer temperatures can be range from 17 to 35 degrees & winter anywhere from 18 to extreme -4 degrees in some parts of Coorg.

    How to get in there?

  • By road is the only way to reach Coorg. Madikeri is 260 kms from Bangalore. The journey usually takes around 5-6 hours from bangalore, by bus.

  • Closest Airport: Bangalore (260 km), Mangalore (135 km)

  • Closest Railway Station: Mysore (146 km)


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