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    The Vast Sub-continent of India offers a range of culinary delights as rich and diverse as its people and history. The essence of Indian Cuisine lies in the variety of desi (local) spices available and the aromas generated by their use. Diversity in climate, in cultures, social habits and the geographic locations contributes greatly to Indian gastronomy. One element unite these diverse styles-- the use of spices to create flavors and aromas distinctive of Indian cuisine. The Flavors of Indian food are appreciated all over the world. This site is an effort to present the richness, variety, flavors and authenticity of the Indian cuisine.So go ahead and treat yourself !!

    Vegetarian Recipes

    Here is the complete list of indian vegetarian recipes for you. Check out the directions to create these delicious indian vegetarian recipes. We have a lot of indian vegetarian recipes for you to make. Enjoy these recipes and do let us know your feedback.

    Non - Vegetarian Recipes

    Here are some Indian Non - Vegetaarian recipes that are easy to accomplish, tasty, and will kindle your taste...