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    Rat Tail falls

    Kodaikanal is located in the state of Tamilnadu near to Madurai. It is one among the most beautiful, charming and peaceful Hill station in India. Kodaikanal is referred as "Princess of Hill stations" by the tourists. The special feature is unlike other Hill Stations still Kodaikanal has lot of unexplored treasures and trekking routes which attracts the adventure lovers. Kodaikanal means the forest of dense creepers, as the name states Kodaikanal hill is covered by dense forest.

    Kodaikanal is situated at an altitude of about 2,133 meters (6,998 ft) high from the sea level. These hills form the eastward spur of the Western Ghats on the Western side of South India.

    Best Time to Visit

    Kodaikanal is neither too hot in summer nor not too cold in winter. Average temperature in Summer will be 19.8 °C (68 °F) and Winter will be 8.3 °C (47 °F)


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