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    One of the oldest cities in south Asia, MADURAI, on the banks of the River Vaigai, has been an important centre of worship and commerce for as long as there has been civilization in South India - indeed, it has long been described as "The Athens of the East".

    Madurai appears to have been the capital of the Pandyan empire without interruption for at least a thousand years. It became a major commercial city, trading with Greece, Rome and China, and yavanas (a generic term for foreigners) were frequent visitors to Pandyan seaports.

    The Tamil epics describe them walking around town with their eyes and mouths wide open with amazement, much as foreign tourists still do when they first arrive. Under the Pandya dynasty, Madurai also became an established seat of Tamil culture, credited with being the site of three sangams, "literary academies", said to have lasted 10,000 years and supported some 8000 poets.

    Tamil is spoken, in and around Madurai. The slang of "Madurai Tamil" differs from others such as "Kongu Tamil", "Nellai Tamil", "Ramnad Tamil" and "Chennai Tamil". Along with Tamil, other languages spoken are Telugu, Malayalam,Kannada and Sourashtra. However the words of these languages have Tamil words mixed in with them. Nowadays Hindi is also heard in Madurai.

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