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  • Tamilnadu Tourism

    Taminadu is the cradle of South Indian temple architecture that originated in the 7th century and matured in the huge temple complexes studded with towering gateways called ‘Gopurams’ that soar above the markets of almost every town.

    The people in Tamilnadu have deep interest in music, literature, and dance. Music and festivals are a daily occurrence in Tamil Nadu and residents spend a great deal of time with family and friends celebrating their culture and heritage. People in Tamil Nadu are also great lovers of food. Most food in Tamil Nadu is made up of rice, grains, vegetables and lentils. Meals usually contain a rice dish along with a vegetable dish. Meat such as chicken, fish and mutton are also eaten.

    Tourist Places in TamilNadu

    Tamil Nadu has a large tourist industry because of the beautiful coastlines, rich heritage, and ancient temples. The state has a well-developed transportation network, which allows people to take in the most rural or urban parts of the state. It includes national and state highways, trains, and airports in Chennai, Madurai, and Tiruchchirappall. There are major seaports in Chennai and Tuticorin. People come from everywhere to visit this gorgeous land, and it is well worth the visit.

    Major Cities in Tamilnadu

    Major Hill Stations

    1. Ooty
    2. Kodaikanal
    3. Yercaud
    4. Valparai
    5. Yelagiri